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Bree Branch

74 neighbors want more covered parks, and splash pads in Mesa.

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Sara Harrop
Marissa Fry
Rosie Clay
Marcy Steiner
Sara Stock Murdock
Melissa White Sarager
Carmen Dee Hughes
James List
Lisa Painter
Shea Burnham
Alisa Terry
Aimee Hernandez
Jam Manlapaz-Willett
Meg Swiatkowski


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Bree Branch

In Mesa, and all over Arizona, families are looking for ways to beat the scorching summer heat. Individuals and families love to get out and experience Mesa,but with this heat it has become harder to find safe entertainment that is cheap or free. I propose building larger, kids safe solash pads that can accommodate more people. Fencing and shade, as well as seating would make these places so much more enjoyable for everyone. I imagine large parks with more options and room enough for adults to play, too. Let's make Mesa more fun, safe and accessible!

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Posted Jul 8, 2017
Alicia Bailey Westbrook

We absolutely need more covered play areas and larger splash pads! I hesitate to go most days because I know I'll be in direct sunlight and probably sitting on the ground. More seating areas and shade are #1 on my list.

Posted by Alicia Bailey Westbrook on Jul 8, 2017
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