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Jenna Meacham

32 neighbors want more sites / days to drop off household hazardous waste in Mesa.

Currently, household hazardous wastes drop off days occur quarterly.  One time on the east side (though not as far east as it could be) and one on the west side.  I love the idea!  I hate that we have to store these in our homes / on our property until the city holds a drop off. It is also often a long wait.  If it happens to be on a day when you can't make it, you have to hold the items for several more months until you can get rid of them.  I would like there to be at least one dedicated building/facility where residents can drop off household hazardous wastes Mon-Fri.  Possibly vary/extend hours so they are open before and after normal business hours so people can go after work.  Maybe have one weekend a month where they are open on a Saturday.  If we do this plus the drop off days, the wait time would be shorter and if you are busy on a drop off day, it's not as big of a deal.  


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Jarred Tyler Hamm
Kim Kemmer
Ja Koe
Mike Jones
Karina Ellis Wilhelm
Teresa Williams
Chris Appleton
Kimberly Crowther Miller
Stephanie Phipps Lanphear
Tom Ferguson
Michelle Polito

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City of Mesa, AZ

We've combined one more idea related to this thread.
The Wandering Gardener
I want more hazardous waste drop off days with longer hours in Mesa.
Additional hazardous drop off days and hours would decrease the amount placed in the regular trash bins.

Posted Aug 9, 2017
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City of Mesa, AZ

Thank you for taking the time to properly dispose of household hazardous waste! The number of residents attending the City’s four annual events has grown every year so we are very excited to announce the City is investing in a permanent Household Hazardous waste Facility. The Facility will be open 4 days a week, including Saturdays! And, it will be located at the same location we hold the 2 west-side events - 2412 N Center, just north of the 202. We are breaking ground in September and plan to open the new Facility October of 2018.

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Posted Jul 3, 2017
David Crummey
David Crummey
Aug 3, 2017

This will be fabulous. I've got a few year's worth of batteries ready to go because I can never make the occassional events!

Posted by David Crummey on Aug 3, 2017
Aug 4, 2017

I'm really happy to hear this news! I take advantage of the household hazardous waste events often, but sometimes it's hard to store the items for the one day each quarter the event occurs. And then, when the event happens on a really busy Saturday or when we're out of town, I have to wait even longer for the next one to roll around. So, thank you for making this happen. What a great way to help clean up the environment and our community!

Posted by Cindy on Aug 4, 2017
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