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Kayla C.

53 neighbors want Southeast Mesa to have a 21st century library in Mesa.

I want a new library that is a bright and fun space for kids to learn, and programs to help them succeed in school. I want spaces where teens can meet their classmates to work on projects or play video games, and also learn how to make a short film or learn computer coding. I want business programs at the library that teach how to design a website or create prototypes on the 3D printer. I want the library to be a place where I can get a coffee and be comfortable reading a book or using the wi-fi on my mobile devices. I want my library to be a place of learning and innovation for my entire community.

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Jeremy R. Whittaker
Dennis McClung
Simone Rogers
Amanda Willis
Marissa Fry
Maren Hunt
Laura Royal
Peg Adams
Joanna Scheffler
Kristin LaVanway
Mary Hamilton
Mary List
Jami Parker Pitts
Frank Patterson
Kelly Smith
Kendra Flake


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Kristin Tierney

I just read about this last week at the Main Library! But we need it in Southeast Mesa too!

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Posted Jun 26, 2017
Ja Koe
Ja Koe
Jul 18, 2017

I'd settled for better selection of audiobooks at Phoenix Greater Digital Library.

Posted by Ja Koe on Jul 18, 2017
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