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Bobby Boland

86 neighbors want the Broadway Road corridor to look nicer to attract more businesses in Mesa.

There are a lot of possibilities for redevelopment on Broadway Road from Tempe through downtown Mesa. I would like to see improvements to the roads, lighting, landscaping, and sidewalks to improve the livability in the corridor for those that work and live in the area and to hopefully attract and keep more businesses in that area.

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Dennis McClung
Nick Jackson
Ryan Winkle
Marissa Fry
Maren Hunt
Laura Royal
Jarred Tyler Hamm
Kristin LaVanway
Amy Osowski
Corinne Mathieu Morgan
Adam Gunderson
Joahna Solis
Cristen Canavino
Rosie Clay
Jennifer Peterson Donaldson
Cari Ann Henning


Broadway Road & Country Club Drive

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