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Luis Montes

71 neighbors want the city to increase innovation by investing in HeatSync Labs in Mesa.

HeatSync Labs (a 501c3 non-profit) has been by far the biggest source of innovation in the entire East Valley.

All the work done at the lab, and its funding has been completely on the backs of its volunteers.

In 2011 Mesa's previous mayor Scott Smith launched a similar initiative to neighborhoodland/ImagineMesa called iMesa.   The biggest vote getter by more than double the next suggestion was to support HeatSync Labs.  The result of iMesa was a 70 million dollar parks and rec bill sent to the voters which passed.  Unfortunately, support for HeatSync Labs didn't make it on to that bill.  Let's not allow the City to make the same mistake again.

HeatSync Labs has done so much for downtown Mesa over the last six years, that it is time for the City to contribute something back.

More information on HeatSync Labs can be found here:

Supporters All

Terry Benelli
Dennis McClung
Karen Svoboda
Moheeb Zara
Jasper Nance
Allison Montes
Jesse Simpson
Larry E. Arenas, MSgt, USAF Retired
Joanna Scheffler
Chris Kurtz
Elizabeth Venable
Randy Kaelber
Kristin LaVanway
Amy Osowski
Michael Martinez


140 E. Main St Mesa, AZ 85201

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Kelly Smith

Heatsync is amazing and without question has made Mesa a better place. I am all for city support, but it's not obvious to me what specific things the City should do. This idea becomes more likely to get picked if we can come up with specific asks. What do you think? Incentives to help find a bigger building? Contacts/connections for outreach? Direct funding? Help finding corporate sponsors?

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Posted Jul 19, 2017
Randy Kaelber
Randy Kaelber
Jul 19, 2017

Good question. I wonder if the city could provide an unused city facility for a low/free rent.

By way of example, the recently closed fire station near Alma School and University when company 203 relocated to a new station. Not necessarily advocating this particular location, but I wonder if there are other things like that available?

Posted by Randy Kaelber on Jul 19, 2017
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