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Jess Jenkins

69 neighbors want to activate and enhance downtown alleys in Mesa.

Think about a broader use for the alleys downtown. Use artwork to inspire public spaces that encourage a unique sense of place and community. Create an environment that supports vibrant day and nighttime activities all while forming an interconnected pattern of streets and business.  

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Erica Snyder
Terry Benelli
Jeremy R. Whittaker
Luis Montes
Dennis McClung
Teresa Milligan Wesley
Nick Jackson
Marissa Fry
Laila Valencia
Jarred Tyler Hamm
Donnie Colvin
Kyle James
Teena Lara-Carlisle
Kristin LaVanway
Amy Osowski


Downtown Mesa

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Natalie Lewis

Detroit partnered with LuminoCITY ( ) to do illuminated temporary placemaking art installations to create Downtown vibrancy during the Detroit Auto Show.

Check it out!


StereoBot - next-generation experience design

STEREO.BOT is a full-fledged design and technology integration company combining innovative 3D building systems and 4D visualization into fully immersive real time experiences.

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Posted Sep 28, 2017
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Louis Stephen

Many business' are employing people to advertise with 'twirling signs' at various intersections distracting to motorist turning. It would be nice to set back so many feet perhaps these theatrical advertisers away from street corners which obstruct traffic and pedestrian crossings. In addition, some business' are standing manikins (some in costumes/wigs) on sidewalks unattended displaying advertising included. The volume of both 'twirling advertisers' and manikins are adding to the capacity of Mesa public sidewalks and many aren't appealing; business' are reaching beyond their points and becoming a circus of distractions. Along with removing 'ugly signs' posted on this website, this should be equally the same consideration.

Twirling signs only bring awareness of a nearby business, not necessarily increase the volume of one's occupational establishment. Although, Mesa is a thriving market to revolutionize and increase business' more and more 'twirl advertisings', perhaps not realize the danger of distracting motorists, should an accident occur in result. The danger of 'pan-handling' on intersected highways and roads are a danger in as much. How likely or with comparison are 'twirling advertisers to motorists?'

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Posted Jul 26, 2017
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Ryan Wozniak

Bikeable, walkable, livable, lovable alleys :)

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Posted Jul 7, 2017
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Terry Benelli

Let's me sure and keep the alleyways accessible and walkable. Don't close off our alleyways for development.

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Posted Jun 29, 2017
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