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Donnie Colvin

71 neighbors want to see the old Fiesta Mall become home to the Coyotes hockey team & ASU's sports management programs in Mesa.

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Erica Snyder
Cory Lieber
Donnie Colvin
Tim Boyle
Kristin LaVanway
Jenn Cupples Colvin
Mikey Flucker
Michael Gaborick
Beth John Gray
Rosie Clay
Michael O'Connor
Tyiesha Thaxton
Frank Patterson
Bradley Hansen
Shannon Tevis
Jim Ross


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City of Mesa, AZ

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Cory Lieber
I want Mesa to build a stadium for the coyotes! Use the newly renovated Fiesta district in Mesa.
Having a stadium for the AZ Coyotes would generate income for the city. Building it where Fiesta mall currently sits would be an ideal location. It has easy access to and from on the US60 which is easily accessible to all the other freeway systems. There are also a few hotels in the area that could house put of town guests. There are restaurants in the area, some shopping, and buildings that could also be devolped into an entertainment district. Having the coyotes in Mesa would help the state, the Coyotes organization, and most importantly the City on Mesa.

Posted Aug 9, 2017
Frank Patterson
Frank Patterson
Aug 9, 2017

I thought private developers already have plans for the old mall. I believe I read construction begins in January.


Posted by Frank Patterson on Aug 9, 2017
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Andrew DeBratto

Worst business decision the team ever made was moving to Glendale. I can't say Mesa would be better for the entire valley but would be better for me!

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Posted Jul 27, 2017
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Give them a good deal. It will bring good revenue.

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Posted Jun 29, 2017
Jul 5, 2017

agree .... the benefits will outweigh the cost in the long run.

Posted by mylene on Jul 5, 2017
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