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71 neighbors want to expand Metrorail to improve transit in Miami-Dade County.

Expanding the Metrorail with a westward route would provide so many additional neighborhoods with access to transit, would help relieve traffic stress along a major Miami corridor, and will encourage the commuters at our largest commuter school to use alternative transportation.

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Ryan Benedetto Shedd
Elsa Roberts
victoria lacey
Leah Weston
Townhouse Center
Leilani Ganser
Ernie Hsiung
Diego Velasquez
Maria J
Krissy Loveman
Pablo Hernandez
James Livergood
Nicole Hess
Juan Hernandez
Mariela Hernandez
Jesse Rittenhouse


11200 8th Street, Miami, FL. 33199

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Put light rail on north corridor

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Posted Apr 14, 2017
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