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Brooke Larsen

10 neighbors want automobile drivers to be more educated about bike safety in New Orleans.

I don't own a car so I'm often the passenger when it comes to auto transit. On many occasions I have heard drivers scoff at bikers on the road and complain about bikers being a nuisance. I think that this is mostly due to ignorance - most drivers don't realize that bikers don't always have access to bike lanes or paths and that they have to follow traffic laws as well. I believe that if drivers were educated about bike safety they would be more willing to share the road.

Also, most bikers likely need to be further educated as well.


Downtown, New Orleans, LA

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tippy tippens
Jesse Gresham
Candy Chang
Alan Joseph Williams
Carl Webb
Brittany DesRocher


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Candy Chang

Pittsburgh has a great bike map featuring some safety and road rules with simple and friendly icons. Sadly that part of the map isn't anywhere to be found online, but you can see hints of it here . Interesting challenge to think of how to reach drivers with this info. Maybe a pothole map (a common enemy!) that includes bike/car safety rules, distributed through drive-thrus and beyond.

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Posted May 27, 2012
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I'd be interested to see examples of successful public education campaigns other cities have created around the issue. Good messaging is crucial. Anyone know of any good examples we might be able to sample?

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Posted May 16, 2012
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