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New Orleans Food Truck Coalition

168 neighbors want food trucks in New Orleans.

Made it happen

The New Orleans Food Truck Coalition (NOFTC) supports the growth and success of food trucks and other mobile vendors in New Orleans. Founded by food truck owners, our group is a diverse collection of vendors, consumers, restauranteurs, community activists, neighborhood organizations, and more.

The primary goals of NOFTC are as follows:

1. Reform: to change the current legislation affecting mobile food vendors in New Orleans to become less restrictive and more supportive of the responsible operation of food trucks in the community.

2. Awareness: to increase public awareness of the growing food truck scene here in New Orleans and across the nation.

3. Education: to educate the community on the numerous ways that food trucks benefit our neighborhoods and the local economy.

We want more food trucks in New Orleans! But that won't happen with current city laws. The codes governing are out-dated and overly restrictive. Let's agree to change the laws, so that they encourage new business, benefit neighborhoods, and build the strength of our city's restaurant industry.

Food trucks are an important source of economic opportunity for entrepreneurs of all types. They can also enhance the culinary culture of our city, enliven streets, and provide food options in underserved areas---if we let them. Currently, the out-of-date, poorly understood, and restrictive laws regulating food trucks prevent the practice from growing.

Join us in our effort to create a broad community coalition in support of reform. Not only are we working to improve unjust and inefficient laws, but we are sharing what we learn about advocating for change along the way. It is our hope that we can create a valuable resource for future efforts to make New Orleans a better place.

Learn more about our organization here:

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Andrew Tuozzolo
Ben Geary
tippy tippens
Leah Walbourne
Brooke Larsen
Ken Faucheux
Peter Bodenheimer
Jessica Rohloff
Robbie Vitrano
Chris Schultz
Matt Wolfe



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Great op-ed from NOFTC President Rachel Billow in today's paper:

"Research and first-hand experience demonstrate that food trucks provide important benefits to the communities they serve. They are a great way for culinary entrepreneurs of all backgrounds to start their own businesses. They bring food options to underserved areas, brighten up blighted neighborhoods, increase foot traffic, and complement store-front businesses. Food trucks also generate tax revenue and create jobs. And they feature delicious, innovative cuisine."

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Posted Mar 12, 2013
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New Orleans Food Truck Coalition

Rachel Billow, the President of the NOFTC and co-owner of La Cocinita penned a Op-Ed in the Times Pic this weekend. If you want to learn more about the proposed food truck reform under consideration, check it out:

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Posted Mar 12, 2013
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Alan Joseph Williams

If you don't already know--Barrie Schwartz, who we featured when we first met the nascent food truck advocates, has created a successful business promoting culinary entrepreneurs across the city.

Make sure to support Barrie's organization, My House, along with the New Orleans Food Truck Coalition by attending some of there upcoming Food Truck Round-Ups.

There are three upcoming events in the CBD, one March 1st, one on the 9th, and one on the 14th.

Learn more at the event page:

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Posted Feb 27, 2013
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Thanks for everyone’s support today.

Unfortunately, the economic development committee did not recommend the proposed changes from Councilwoman Head. The good news is that the issue is still open, and the NOFTC and the Councilwoman haven't given up. The best course of action for supporters at this point is to email or call your councilperson with your support for food trucks.

From the Times-Picayune:

"Don't look for the New Orleans City Council to change the rules for food trucks in the next few weeks. After a long and sometimes contentious public hearing Tuesday, Councilwoman Stacy Head said she won't ask the council to vote on the issue this week."

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Posted Feb 5, 2013
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Tomorrow, Tuesday Feb 5th, the City Council will meet to discuss food truck reform. Naysayers will be there, and they will be vocal. To win support from the Council, the NOFTC must show their numbers as well.

You can make a tremendous difference by showing up to this meeting. Come voice your support for economic opportunity, eyes on the street, and culinary creativity.

Please spread this e-mail, and ask others to join you tomorrow morning (Tuesday, Feb 5th) no later than 11am at City Council Chambers in City Hall.

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Posted Feb 4, 2013
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Alan Joseph Williams

FYI folks---the Louisiana Restaurant Association has sent out an e-mail blast to its members opposing Stacy Head's pilot food truck program.

If you like food trucks, and support mobile food vending as a source of economic opportunity, eyes on the street, and culinary innovation, Please call and e-mail your Council Person's office and any other Council Members that you have a relationship with:

Susan Guidry, District A

LaToya Cantrell, District B

Kristin Gisleson Palmer, District C

Cynthia Hedge-Morrell, District D

James Austin Gray II, District E

Stacy Head, President

Jacquelyn Brechtel Clarkson, Vice President

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Posted Jan 29, 2013
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The time for change has arrived. We need your support. Please sign this petition and share it with your friends and neighbors.

The Details:
1. Increase mobile food vendor permits from 100 to 200. This includes all mobile vendors, not just food trucks. Currently, City Hall has a 2-1/2 page wait list.

2. Increase the time that a vendor may stop from 45 minutes to 4 hours.

3. Allow food trucks into more of the CBD and Warehouse District, with the exception of the area between Canal and Poydras Streets and from the river to Rampart Street.

4. Require food trucks to clean up the area around their truck and provide a trash receptacle. We want to keep our city clean. :-)

5. Reduce the proximity restriction from a restaurant to 50 feet from the front door, while the restaurant is open. Restaurants can waive this restriction.

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Posted Jan 23, 2013
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Alan Joseph Williams

Just read this article about food trucks serving the powerless zone in NYC.

I don't know if everybody on this thread knows, but food trucks also played a huge role feeding people during Isaac, when tens of thousands of folks were without power for a week:

Another reminder of the role mobile businesses have in our economy and culture.


Food Trucks Rolling Back Into The Powerless Zone

The line for the Mudtruck yesterday (@sarahbellummmm). There may not be power in much of lower Manhattan right now, but that doesn't mean there aren't food trucks of every kind coming to feed the masses. In fact, an armada of the hip food vending vehicles are rolling downtown this

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Posted Oct 31, 2012
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Right on Rachel ... this comment made my day!

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Posted Oct 16, 2012
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Rachel B.

Hey y'all. I'm Rachel Billow, president of the New Orleans Food Truck Coalition. Just wanted to chime in with a brief update on our recent progress! We just gave a presentation to the City Council at Tuesday's Economic Development Committee meeting, then yesterday we had a stakeholders discussion, led by Stacy Head, and delved into the logistics and details of possible ordinance changes. Immediately following yesterday's meeting, Stacy Head and the Good Work Network hosted the first-ever Central City Food Truck Festival! It was a HUGE success. Hundreds of people came and showed their support for the growth of our industry and left with bellies full of delicious local street food. We couldn't be more excited and optimistic about the upcoming changes we'll be making with the help of the City Council and the Mayor's Office!

To become a member of the NOFTC, please go to:

Thanks, and Keep on Truckin'!

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Posted Oct 12, 2012
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