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James A. Reeves

16 neighbors want to start a design education program in St. Claude, New Orleans.

I'd like to start an after-school program for elementary and high school students that introduces students to disciplines such as graphic design, industrial design, and architecture as a means of problem-solving.

Students will work with members of their community to identify a local issue facing their neighborhood and, under the guidance of local designers and teachers, work to propose and implement solutions. A primary goal of the program will be to encourage older students to mentor younger students; a secondary goal will be to directly involve parents in the design process.

I've developed the curriculum for similar programs in Brooklyn and I'd love to hear any advice on how to start a design program here in New Orleans, esp. suggestions for partner schools/venues, potential sponsors, and interested teachers.

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tippy tippens
St. Claude Main Street
Sarah Azpeitia
Joshua Woods
Tee Parham
Candy Chang
Alan Joseph Williams
Tom K.




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St. Claude Main Street

This would be great. Get in touch if you need any specific information.

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Posted Nov 8, 2011
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The Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans runs educational programs in schools, though I am not sure about how often or exactly what the activities are. With limited staff, they might be open to partnerships for expansion.

From their website:

"Children's Education welcomes grades 4th-12th to participate and view an Architectural History of New Orleans slide show - which impresses upon students the dramatic change in New Orleans' cityscape over time. They will learn about House Types & see the PRC's dramatic "Before and After" slide show - to demonstrate the effects of preservation in action. It can be combined with a visit to the French Quarter."

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Posted Sep 7, 2011
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What resources do you need to get this going James?

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Posted Jun 10, 2011
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