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Ride New Orleans

145 neighbors want the RTA to share their GPS data so developers can build smart apps in New Orleans.

Ride New Orleans
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Thanks for everyone's support of this idea - we made it happen! The RTA has committed to opening up their GPS, schedule, and route data so that mobile developers in New Orleans can build transit applications for residents. The transit authorities in New York, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. all do this, and developers have built all kinds of helpful applications. Better transit facilitates better economic growth, higher quality of life, and a more appealing city for everyone.

Read more about how we made it happen here:

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Candy Chang
Jeff Schwartz
James A. Reeves
tippy tippens
Charlie London
Mark Lister
Brooke Larsen
Adelaide Abele




RTA Headquarters, 2817 Canal Street

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Ride New Orleans

The RTA released their schedule and route data! It's a big step towards real-time GPS data. Check it out:


Now Open in New Orleans: Transit Data

Good news! The RTA has now released their route and schedule data. Whether you are a professional developer, a part-time hacker, or just a curious party, y

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Calliope released another transit app today:

"The best way to navigate the New Orleans transit system, this interactive app allows you to easily access all RTA routes throughout Orleans Parish. It pulls real-time GPS data so that you never have to wonder how far away the bus or streetcar is from your stop. Continuously updating every 30 seconds, the app shows you the location of every vehicle, how fast it’s traveling, and the animated icons turn base on the direction it’s heading. The Transit App makes using New Orleans’ public transportation so much more convenient.

- Updates in real time every 30 seconds

- Dynamically updates route information over the internet
- Shows best guess at vehicle direction (after first 30 seconds)
- Shows stops and cross streets for individual routes
- Shows speed, route name and number for each vehicle"

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Joel Carranza

Hello everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I've built an iPhone app for riding public transportation in New Orleans.

The app makes use of the RTA's recently released schedule and route information to provide direction services, maps, and easy-to-use timetables.

The "NOLA Transit" iPhone app now includes realtime GPS bus information. Now you can see the exact location of your bus at any time. If you are a bus or streetcar rider, check it out, it makes taking public transportation in New Orleans so much easier.

Big shout-out to Neighborland and Transport for NOLA for helping make this happen!


Neighbor Q&A: Joel Carranza

An interview with  Joel Carranza, Software and Mobile Application Developer, Follow Joel on Neighborland:

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We made it happen! Many thanks to everyone for spreading the word and getting the signatures. Special thanks to Rachel Heiligman from Transport for Nola.

The Regional Transit Authority is moving to release its schedule, route and real-time GPS data to the public. The RTA Board of Commissioners signaled the start of an era when residents will be empowered with information and riding public transit will be more predictable and less stressful. It’s the dawn of Open Data in New Orleans, and both the RTA commissioners and the management staff should be applauded for being local leaders in the effort.

Read all about it on the Handbook -


Open Transit Data

Yesterday was an important day in New Orleans. The Regional Transit Authority is moving to release its schedule, route and real-time GPS data to the public.

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Next week, Transport for NOLA and the RTA are hosting a meeting for developers on the newly opened transit data - please join us:

What: RTA Open Transit Data Training Forum
When: Thursday, August 9, 2012 @ 5:30pm
Where: New Orleans Regional Transit Authority Headquarters - 2817 Canal Street
Why: To learn from the RTA's data gurus the ins and outs of using their GTFS and real-time data

Now that the data is opened - the rest is up to you. Come out, learn about the data and create useful websites, apps, text services and more to make riding transit easier in New Orleans!

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Joshua Woods

I'm working on new bus maps, I have a mockup design template done but I need a graphic designer or someone who would like help on the project. Printing and downloading is already set so all that is left is to design and create a pdf. If anyone would like to lend a hand hit me up

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Thanks to Transport for NOLA for taking over this petition. Please show your support here:

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Whoah ... both of this data visualizations are beautiful. The whole idea of opening up the data is that developers will build all kinds of cool stuff. We're working with Transport for NOLA on getting our petition out the right people and making it happen.

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tippy tippens

This is cool - could this somehow be included? [game made of your travels throughout london]

Although this might be more appropriate.. [music made by subway travels]

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