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From local recycling company Phoenix Recycling:

"The problem nationwide is that there are very few large scale glass consumers and those are flooded by regional supply. Compounding that problem is the material they seek versus the material that is generated. Most recycling programs are 'single-stream' now, meaning that co-mingled material is collected and sorted at a MRF. The resulting glass is a grey 'sand' that is not color separated and generally not in demand for glass consumers."

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New Orleans

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Rob proposed this resource for to recycle glass in New Orleans.

More info on the new startup NOLAWARE and their glass recycling drop off at 7701 Cohn Street in the Carrollton neighborhood:


When Dreams Become Reality: Glass Recycling Comes to New Orleans

A lot of New Orleanians will tell you that the glass is half empty when it comes to glass recycling in this city. The question that drives everyone to

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TimG proposed this resource for to recycle glass in New Orleans.

Just in case not everyone has heard about "NOLAWARE" accepting glass for reuse/recycling:

May 20, 2013

Thanks for posting this Tim!

Posted by Dan on May 20, 2013
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Took my first trip out to Target a few days ago to drop off my glass. Worked fine. They also take all other sorts of recyclables (plastic, metal, bags, phones, and batteries, iirc). Not idea, but it worked. And I basically filled up their glass receptacle.

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Alan Joseph Williams

Thanks for dropping the knowledge NorthWest Carrollton!

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Ok ... yes reusing glass - (as barrier island material, like that one!) is a great idea.
BUT glass is silicon dioxide! Silicon is the second most abundant element on the earth (second only to oxygen). Glass is harmless in the environment (unless you step on a shard!) so not recycling glass is one of the less harmful things we can do.

As for not buying glass!?! Please! We need to buy more glass and use LESS PLASTIC! Plastic is the real LONG TERM pollution problem Even with recycling there reaches a point when plastic can no longer be recycled and then it doesn't decay very fast and unlike glass is not a part of the "natural world". There is no elemental plasitc.

While not recycling glass may not be optimal, it is the least of our enviromental recycling worries.


My Plastic-free Life

Think we can't live without plastic? Think again. In 2007 I committed to stop buying any new plastic & I've almost succeeded! Won't you join me? Let's see what plastic-free looks like in 2012... for the health of our bodies, our oceans, our planet. ~Beth Terry

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tippy tippens

Man, I just had to throw away so much glass at thanksgiving. It really hurts, any more updates for residential recycling/drop off points? I never go out to Target, could there be dropoff points at Rouse's perhaps? Or all grocery stores?

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Phoenix--Thanks for all that y'all do for the community. And thanks for your suggestion on Rep. Eddie Lambert. I mentioned him in my first research paper. I emailed him on the topic about a year ago and will try to reach his office again. I'm from Mississippi and have lived in NOLA since 2004. I lived in a bottle bill state for about a year and saw first-hand how successful and positively received the program is. I will be in touch for sure when I get ready to conduct some more research going forward. Thanks!!

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Phoenix Recycling

Natalie, Bottle bills are an excellent way to boost recycling participation and the percentage of material recovered. Bottle laws also reduce litter, since there is value in what now sits on the roadside. The statistics prove both of those points. The law would have to be on the State Level, so the first thing to do is find someone to sponsor the bill. Eddie J. Lambert (R) sponsored one that was defeated in 2011 ( We need to identify and support similar Legislators who are willing to propose the legislation and help their peers understand the benefits.

Our pilot program is ready to expand. If you know of a restaurant or bar or hotel, let us know. We are still working on the best way to offer residential recycling - whether for a fee or various drop off points. Stay Tuned.

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I'm a grad student at UNO working on my masters in public administration. I wrote a research paper last year about bottle bills. I am looking to research the topic further in order to possibly write my final paper for the program on the feasibility of a bottle bill pilot program in Orleans Parish for glass only. I'd love feedback and would love to maybe help out with any programs or organizations that are working in this area. I just discovered this site, so I'm new here! Thanks.

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tippy tippens

Thanks! I saw the filters, but wasn't sure by popular if that meant #1 sorry if a dorky question : )

i do remember when this was around 97, seems to be a pretty popular topic! taking glass out to target is a bit of a chore, although i am a devoted recycler. any updates phoenix/city? thank you for all you do!

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