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Tribeca Trust

13 neighbors want to re-imagine the big plaza around the brutalist ATT building at 33 Thomas St in Manhattan.

Tribeca Trust is a neighborhood civic group, a new one. We could use some help in re-imagining what this horrible fenced off plaza could be. We have ideas (park, climbing wall, movie theatre, beer hall, market, tennis court, etc. ). I'm sure neighbors around the place could have more. We could get a lot of the immediate neighbors involved.

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Steve Schlafman
Alan Joseph Williams
Tom K.
Leemor Chandally


33 Thomas St

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Tribeca Trust

Hi, there is a fence around it that is opened to the public Mon-Fri during work hours. We are in a long, on-going project to negotiate with ATT to keep this public-private plaza open longer. We also want to re-invigorate it with everything from light shows to markets to yoga classes to a kids swing set. The process is arduous and there is no shortage of ideas. We would love to find volunteers "interns" with Tribeca Trust (see to do a lot of the groundwork for us (interviewing local residents, researching the property rights over at DOT, organizing some kind of community charette type event.. and so forth)


Tribeca Trust

We mobilize Tribeca residents and civic resources to preserve our neighborhood’s historic scale and to protect and enhance.

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Posted Feb 20, 2013
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By "fenced off", do you mean permanently? Is this a public plaza with no access? Any other info would help in understanding how this space could be re-imagined.

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Posted Feb 20, 2013
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