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Sam Washington

We want a city sponsored tech center that draws R&D startup partners and investors in Downtown Oakland.

Oakland is not known as a high tech city.  And it is right at the head of Silicon Valley with some of the top tech firms in the world located right in and around the city and county.  In order to gain recognition as a  technical center of excellence, Oakland needs to invest in expansion and promotion of technology incubation and startup programs.  This can include business/tax incentives as well as usage of city/county properties at very low rental/lease rates for tech firms (hiring local citizens).  Even advertising a cutting edge city managed web platform that offers secure, high-speed user access and managed group environments to the public will draw startups, investors, and R&D firms, as well as government support.  

Again, Just advertising a clear roadmap would likely jumpstart offers of financial and technical support from Silicon Valley and other SF Bay Area companies.

This is a phased approach that means a major change in priorities for the City Of Oakland.  But the Return-On-Investment goes far beyond just having a cool or advanced technology center.  The ROI will also be seen in business growth, employment, city revenue growth, and investment partners and dollars that will add much needed funds to meet many of the challenges that Oakland has.

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Sam Washington

IBM and Colleges Partner on Security, Big Data - Dice News

IBM is working with colleges and universities in an effort to prepare a workforce for its specific needs, writes Susan Hall.

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Posted Nov 19, 2013
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