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Chris Palmatier

We want a clear account of how private interests shape public policies in Oakland.

From the original of this idea, first posted in Santa Monica:

"How much power do "we the people" really have? By what process do city officials arrive at the decisions that will affect citizens? What roles do private interests play?

What I really want is for the decision-making process to be completely transparent—if there are developers or other private interests whose "green votes" count more than the votes of the rest of us, I want to know who they are, what their aims are, and specifically how they affect local government. Does this sort of account already exist? If not, could it be crowd-sourced?

... My concern is that great ideas could potentially be supported by a community on Neighborland or elsewhere and fail to be realized because they unknowingly conflict with influential private agendas. Better to seat us all at the same circular table."

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Rachel Grossman
David Abernathy
Brien Colwell
Tee Parham
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Rachel Grossman

In Oakland the City is desperate for taxes, so they are letting corporate interests do whatever they want, while completely disregarding the interests of the public.

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Posted Mar 4, 2013
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