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Alisha "the Explorer" Forrester Scott

We want abandoned golf courses to be re/purposed as community food gardens and education venues in Oakland.

What if communities re/purposed abandoned golf courses for public food gardens? Abandoned golf courses that are too expensive to maintain may be gifted to the greater community, to be used to grow food for the hungry in surrounding communities. Many golf courses are already outfitted with turf watering systems infrastructure. While planting food, we might ban and prevent future usage of neurotoxic insecticide chemicals that decimate food pollinators (like bees!) and poison water aquifers. Educational opportunities exist to learn about the insects (bees!) that are responsible for pollinating our major food sources like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and spices. Also, to be efficient, when we are doing earth planting work, we should consider trans/planting "bee friendly" varieties that will help pollinators to overcome their Colony Collapse Disorder challenges. Add-in perks like Dr. John Todd's "Living Machine" natural water cleansing systems + vertical garden walls, and we can thrive!

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Captain Sea Flea
Alan Joseph Williams
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Fruitvale, Oakland, California, USA

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Alisha "the Explorer" Forrester Scott

I'm not sure of the numbers of Oakland golf courses. In my research, I talked to reporters and professional golf organizations. There is not even a single office that tracks this information.

Being from AZ, this idea was birthed there after I saw local golf courses in ruin from underfunding.

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Posted Aug 20, 2012
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Mike Linksvayer

Good idea, probably. Are there any abandoned or soon-to-be-abandoned golf courses in Oakland?

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Posted Aug 19, 2012
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