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Colin Mutchler

22 neighbors want an MLS soccer team and stadium in Downtown Oakland.

After seeing the success of Portland Timbers' soccer stadium in downtown Portland, and the chance of Oakland losing the Warriors, A's or the Raiders to LA, San Francisco, or San Jose, what if Oakland could bring a new soccer team into the city as part of the evolution of the city? 

I realize this is at least a few years away from even the possibility of happening, but I think an Oakland MLS expansion team would find a lot of love, especially in competition with the only other area team in San Jose. 

Location of course would be challenging, but there seem to be a few areas that could work either near Jack London Square (as explored for the A's) or in West Oakland (the more downtown the better). Maybe it could even be paired with Mike's idea to Remove Highway 980 through downtown, and replace part of it with the new soccer stadium. 

After a quick google search looking for potential teams to recruit to Oakland, I found Sacramento Republic FC, which will be kicking off their USL Pro season in 2014. After building up their team and culture over the coming few years, maybe we recruit them to the East Bay in the next few years? 

Think about it. Oakland Republic. 

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Chris Palmatier
Tim Stutt
Brien Colwell
Jordan Tomas
Nick Kleiber
Tee Parham
Tom K.
David Price
John Dickenson
Efren Barragan
Matt C.


Downtown Oakland

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