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11 neighbors want a Pedal Powered Pump Organ – an interactive organ that uses pedal power to create music in Downtown Oakland.

People will climb onto the platform and pedal. The turning cranks will drive chain/s which will pump some sort of bellows or a system of air pumps, providing air with which to play the organ. Bike power may also generate electricity (using a system partially built by the kinetics department) that will run an electronic system controlling the organ. Users/participants/audience/interactors will be able to select (and potentially modify) the music played.

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John Shannon
Martha Elizw
Leslie Landberg
Tom K.
Jake Levitas
Robin Tala
Ray Boyle
Lola Themola


Downtown Oakland

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Tom K.

How do I personally volunteer to ride one of these things for a few hours? Maybe we could also get some volunteers from Soulcycle? :)

Posted Jan 14, 2016
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