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Viscera Studio

12 neighbors want the Sum of Fun – an interactive art installation in Downtown Oakland.

The Sum of Fun is an interactive art installation where the experience is determined by a collective user group separate from the subjects. The project in an interconnected system of three parts: The “roof” structure, consisting of hanging 3D printed parts, and two user operated mechanisms that, through the use of cable and pulley systems, ultimately control the roof structure. Two user groups, one manning each mechanism, will engage in a tug of war that results in the experience of the third party occupying the space underneath the roof structure. This form of interaction subjects the occupant to a spatial experience that is a proxy for the struggle between two disconnected parties.

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andrew danish
Our City
Gensler Oakland
Tom K.
Jake Levitas
Eckhart Beatty
Cera Ward
Jiyoun Ha
Andy Likuski


Downtown Oakland

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