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Ryan Hunt

14 neighbors want traffic lights better timed for pedestrian crossing in Downtown, Oakland.

I wish pedestrians were given more priority at downtown intersections.

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Chris Palmatier
brian simmons
andrew danish
Augie Sanchez
Michele S
Tom K.
Jon Axtell
Amy Moore



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"In April, [Nicole] Ferrara is leaving Walk SF to lead pedestrian safety efforts at the newly formed Oakland Department of Transportation. Ferrara says her role will be to develop policies and projects that prioritize safety of people walking, and bring those to the mayor and City Council. She recognizes that in doing so, “it’ll be really important to engage communities that are historically underrepresented. … Under the framework of the strategic plant here’s a lot of goals around building authentic community engagement.”


Oakland’s First Pedestrian Safety Czar Wants to Rethink City Streets

After launching Vision Zero efforts in San Francisco, Nicole Ferrara is bringing her inclusive mobility expertise to Oakland's new DOT.

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Posted Mar 6, 2017
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andrew danish

i used to avoid it entirely. now i just put up with it.

Posted Apr 14, 2015
Tom K.
Tom K.
Apr 15, 2015

The 'beg button' :)

The issue with timing pedestrian lights is that it also slow transit down. Is it possible to do a 'green wave' for peds while not making it worse for buses?

Posted by Tom K. on Apr 15, 2015
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