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Ted Curran

12 neighbors want healthy food trucks that reflect the ethnic makeup of the neighborhood in Downtown Oakland.

Have you ever been to the five square blocks of food carts in downtown Portland? It is a monument to delicious, multicultural food.

Considering that KONO is right between food-conscious downtown and the food desert of West Oakland/ Emeryville, this is an opportunity to promote entrepreneurial business, healthy nutrition, and make the neighborhood look like its inhabitants.

I'd like to see healthy Korean, African, Caribbean, Ethiopian, Mexican, Centroamerican food carts that emphasize fresh vegetables and high quality ingredients.

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Sarah R Filley
Shift Local
Lauren Andersen
Rachel Grossman
Alan Joseph Williams
Tom K.


Downtown Oakland

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Produce trucks in L.A.

"Unlike most food trucks, they don't serve hot meals on crowded city streets to urbanites on their lunch breaks. Instead, these trucks deliver produce, sweets and little household necessities to thousands of doorsteps each day.

As they mosey along residential roads, they also provide threads of community life and ethnic commerce that bind immigrants to the customs of their homelands."


Produce trucks a slice of home for Latino immigrants

Benjamin Cruz's signature honk — three quick toots and a long beep — announces his arrival on a north Pasadena street. A woman in fur-lined slippers shuffles toward the open back of his boxy white truck and peers into a colorful splash of groceries and sundries. Her young daughter, Hanna, trails along, giggling and chasing a skittish...

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Posted Jan 8, 2015
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Alan Joseph Williams

Great idea. I had some amazing tamales (not that they're healthy) on Telegraph during Art Murmur. Convincing them to come en masse requires a crowd.

Maybe it would be possible to pilot a petit-version of your idea: three trucks, three styles of ethnic cooking.

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Posted Oct 12, 2012
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