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Allan Steiner

12 neighbors want spaces that explicitly encourage conversation among strangers in Downtown Oakland.

Talking to strangers isn't too hard once you figure out how to do it, but very few (if any) public spaces give people explicit permission to talk to the people around them. I've started producing events that encourage conversation among strangers (under the name Conversation Lab) but my larger goal is to create public spaces for conversation with the intention of decreasing the social distance within communities.

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@ Art Murmur
Rachel Grossman
andrew danish
Belinda Liu
Alan Joseph Williams
Tom K.


Oakland, CA

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Tom K.

The thing I really loved about Freespace was how it well it created interactions between people that might not normally interact. I'd love to see more spaces like this in Oakland and the Bay Area. I think there might be a similar space in Oakland?


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Posted Oct 25, 2015
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