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Jesse Budlong

17 neighbors want to adaptively repurpose the historic Kaiser Convention Center in Oakland.

The Kaiser Convention Center is a historic, publicly owned multi-purpose arena in Oakland, California. The facility includes a 5,492-seat arena, a large theater, and a large ballroom.The building is #27 on the list of Oakland Historic Landmarks.

The city closed the facility in 2006 and its future is uncertain. In 2006, Oakland voters defeated a ballot proposition advocating a library space in the building.

The facility was owned by the City of Oakland until 2011, when it was sold to the local redevelopment agency for $28 million. However, the redevelopment agency was dissolved by the State of California in 2012, so ownership will revert to the city of Oakland.

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Prescott Reavis
I Love Biking SF OAK
andrew danish
Melanie Archer
Victoria Pacchiana-Rojas
Thomas Morgan
Tom K.
Ryan Price
Melissa Pauna
Pat Haggarty
Ellie Tumbuan
Matt C.


10 10th St Oakland, CA 94607

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Pat Haggarty

Yes, having the City of Oakland regain ownership means the City should do something positive with that giant "beautiful" building that was home for so many years to concerts, speeches, plays and childrens events. Perhaps they could lease it to Laney College across the street or open a new
Oakland Art Center with classes, exhibits and art events. Or turn it into a homeless shelter or veterans "hospital" Anything to help Oakland rather than just leave it empty.

Posted Sep 15, 2013
Tom K.
Tom K.
Sep 16, 2013

Great ideas! We should forward your ideas to the city. Maybe prototype one of these ideas until the city comes up with a long-term use.

[freespace] is an interesting use case:

Posted by Tom K. on Sep 16, 2013
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