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Melissa Waldron

11 neighbors want start-ups/ entrepreneurs to consider properties in Penn Hills and help our economic development in East Hills, Pittsburgh.

Melissa Waldron
Suggested by Melissa Waldron
We are in the first ring of suburban neighborhoods surrounding Pittsburgh, with a city zip...but not considered Pittsburgh. We support the Pittsburgh's economy more than noted. And now an economic crisis has fallen upon us and we are in need of new development to bring business and residents back to Penn Hills.

We need entrepreneurs, small businesses and restaurants to help us revitalize our region. We have 47,000 residents and very few businesses and local jobs. We suffered many cuts in transportation, decided by Port Authority. This has failed our community. We are often overlooked as a place to live, work and shop. We want to change that. We use to be a thriving community and wish to be "on the map" once again.

We have beautiful affordable homes available. If we bring back business. People will work, shop and live here. This is my hope.
Help us rediscover Penn Hills.

Melissa Waldron
Resident of Penn Hills/Supporter of all things PGH. Say no to Fracking & air/water pollution


Diane Mottiqua
Nicholas Evanish
Laura Gabriel
Shawn O'Mahony
Dodie Geddes Smith
Alan Waldron
Justin Penn
Rachael Mae Caskey
James Beck




Rodi Road and Frankstown Road in Penn Hills

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Gail  Gillespie

We moved here from California with every intention of moving back once my partner's mother passed. BUT since Penn Hills is such a lovely neighborhood and we've met such good, honest, loyal people, we've decided to stay. What IS lacking, however, is businesses IN Penn Hills! A number of us have been looking for a while for a place to open a coffee house without much luck. I, for one, would be perfectly happy to see Starbuck's open a coffee lounge in the Penn Hills shopping center. I'm absolutely sure they would do an incredible business. Does anyone have any ideas how we could go about making this happen? - I'm tired of driving to Monroeville for a decent cup of coffee - what about you? Gail

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Rachael Mae Caskey

Penn Hills is such an ideal location due to its proximity to both the city of Pittsburgh as well as to the rural areas in Westmoreland County. It's the best of both worlds!

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Alan Waldron

The low cost of office space and property in Penn Hills is ideal for any start up. It allows them to invest more into their business and less in overhead.

Just ask and I'll give you a tour of my town!

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