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We want a plaza where people may engage with urban life rather than a green park to escape from the city in Congress Square.

By Hugh
By Hugh
The plaza should be a place for talk, food, stalls, art, parking bicycles and meeting people. It may have some covered area and needs accessible shops around it.

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James Cradock
Alexander Landry
Sean Kerwin
Tom K.


Congress Street at High Street

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Important distinction. Good observation. This is not a place for a pocket park. There is no pocket. The current design works very hard to create a pocket and isolate itself from the rest of the square. Context is very important. Likewise the idea of a 'land swap' as a solution to the public space-taking is a non-starter. This is not just a space, it's a place. Thanks for adding this. I didn't have enough characters in the headline to include it in mine...

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Posted Aug 9, 2013
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