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African American Cultural Complex

34 neighbors want a museum that celebrates African American culture at Dix Park.

In order to preserve and protect the history of some of the outstanding contributions made by African Americans toward the development of Raleigh, a local and regional museum should be constructed on the grounds of Dix Park to continue the program of the African American Cultural Complex (AACC).

The museum needs are:
- permanent and rotating exhibit space
- a flexible space for public gatherings, performances, banquets, and conferences
- administrative offices
- storage areas
- an outdoor performance space

Note that many of these facilities could be shared with other museums and cultural organizations.

Learn more about the AACC here:

Supporters All

Ava Ritter
Emily Diaz
Nick Neptune
Ruth Palmer
Elliot Palmer Jr
Juanita Palmer
Tom H
Charles J Phaneuf
Jennifer Tate Small
Adrienne Kelly Lumpkin
Jax Brown
Rich Full More
Maya Palmer
Byron McMillan
Carol Gash


Dix Park

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Jane Walz

The Palmers went to many Seeds of Hope Presentations to our then youngsters. Dr Palmer was so giving of his time. We were even able to use part of their house for our well attended meeting. This kind of legacy is people to people-the kind that absolutely builds communication, value of another, and respect.

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Posted Jan 19, 2018
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