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Kelsey Schmidt

We want beer garden Munich style at Dix Park.

The Chinesischer Turm beer garden is the second largest beer garden in Munich and has about 7,000 seats in the self-serviced area and about 500 seats in the serviced area. Guests in the self-serviced area can sit on regular beer garden benches, some of which have back rests. The benches are arranged around the tower. The food stalls offer traditional beer and food. 

A common meeting like an open beer garden would make Dix Park a destination for all city residents. While we have breweries, green space is limited. Here a rotation of local breweries and food trucks could provide food and drink out of a pagoda or stall. There could be Sunday brunches. This space could also host a seasonal Christmas market. 

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Amber L


Dorothea Dix Park

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