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Matt Tomasulo

21 neighbors want crosswalks that are filled in and visible at Dix Park.

No more skimpy edge lines please!

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Redress Raleigh
Matthew Staton
Remy Ward Heskett
Raleigh DLA
Todd Delk
Dominique Bischof
Anthony Price
Tom Blazejack
Margaret Parham
Logan Smith
Jenni Moore Myers
Katie B



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Tom Blazejack

Support the BEST crosswalk initiative in Glenwood South

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Posted Aug 26, 2015
Matt Tomasulo
Matt Tomasulo
Aug 26, 2015

Absolutely Tom! It is pilot projects like this that are critical to us catching up on much overlooked need for basic pedestrian infrastrcuture. "Cool Walkings" as the project is called, celebrates the opportunity to provide more support for people on foot - which is fantastic! For those wanting to learn more - here is the facebook page

Posted by Matt Tomasulo on Aug 26, 2015
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