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You know the spot: Over 3 years ago, the building next to St Charles and Common Ground got razed in a five-alarm fire; now it's just a big, old, ugly eyesore.

I get that building something big and fancy is probably not going to happen anytime soon, but could we get a little pocket park or community garden going in the meantime?

The landowner doesn't have to yield property rights, would save money on free maintenance and probably benefit in property valuation if / when they decide to sell; meanwhile everyone who lives and works in the area doesn't have to suffer the blight of a literal pit next door. Win-win-win!


Amanda Feldmann Liddle
Chris Conkling
Megan Houglum Topping
Marjorie Hastings
Michelle Kelley
Nancy Wood Feldmann
Preston Glidden


258 wells ave s, renton

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