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Micah Bender

I want littering and illegal dumping to end in Salisbury.

This issue is important to the community because if it is not addressed, it will begin to negatively affect the environment and wildlife living in the area. Everyone in the community, as well as the local wildlife, would benefit from fixing the issue. My church's youth group has adopted the highway running through Salisbury and does trash pick ups regularly. My group does a good job of cleaning the highway, but it never seems to stay litter free for very long. I talked with two people living in the Salisbury area. The first noted that it is disrespectful to the people living here and to God who gave us this beautiful land to live in. The second was very adamant about the negative effects the littering was having on the wildlife in the area and wanted it to be stopped. There are also no recycling centers within the town of Salisbury. Seeing as how illegal dumping and littering is a problem in all the neighboring towns and counties, the only solutions brought up in the conversations I had with the Salisbury residents were about harsher punishments for illegal dumping and littering, and a way to actually catch the criminal, as well as, more assistance from the community helping clean the highways. One best-practice used in other communities is the use of public dumping and recycling centers. This idea could definitely be implemented into Salisbury, and it would definitely help resolve the problem. One organization trying to reduce littering in PA can be found at There are signs that say, "Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful!" and warn about fines for littering; however, more must be done. In order get free recycling in Salisbury, PA, one of the only ways to achieve this is by contacting the local government of Somerset County here:, asking for recycling to finally come to Salisbury.



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