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We want add speed tables to Scott Street & the adjoining streets to slow down traffic near the park on Scott Street.

First off, speed tables are not speed bumps, while similar, they are much friendlier to drivers and vehicles and are preferred by emergency responders. Speed tables are long raised speed humps with a flat section in the middle and ramps on the ends; sometimes constructed with brick or other textured materials on the flat sectioned are sometimes called flat top speed humps, trapezoidal humps, speed platforms, raised crosswalks, or raised crossings

These will encourage drivers to slow way down but allow vehicles operating at safe speeds to drive normally. Furthermore they add visibility to crosswalks making pedestrians safer!

local and collector streetsmain roads through small communities
typically long enough for the entire wheelbase of a passenger car to rest on top
work well in combination with textured crosswalks, curb extensions, and curb radius reductionscan include a crosswalk

Potential Impacts: 
no effect on accessspeeds are reduced, but usually to a higher crossing speed than at speed humps (typically between 25 and 27 miles per hour)
traffic volumes have been reduced on average by 12 percent depending on alternative routes available
collisions have been reduced on average by 45 percent on treated streets (not adjusted for traffic diversion)
reported to increase pedestrian visibility and likelihood that driver yields to pedestrian

Emergency Response Issues:
typically preferred by fire departments over 12 to 14-foot speed humps
generally less than 3 seconds of delay per hump for fire trucks

Typical Cost: approximately $2,500 (in 1997 dollars) for asphalt tables; higher for brickwork, stamped asphalt, concrete ramps and other enhancements sometimes used at pedestrian crossings

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Brian Leipzig
Rachel Rowe


2110 Scott St, San Jose, CA 95128

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Greenbelt Alliance

Through numerous community discussions, residents and business owners in the West San Carlos and South Bascom Urban Villages have called for streets that are safer for people walking and biking. One priority in the area is the completion of a bikeway on Scott Street.

This spring, Street Plans worked with Greenbelt Alliance, the Buena Vista Neighborhood Association and other partners to create a 2-day “demonstration project” showing what a safer Scott Street could look like. The project featured temporary sharrow markings on the street (in advance of a planned permanent sharrow installation by SJDOT this summer), an energizer station with free bike repair, and a bike-themed block party. Thank to all the partners who made this event such a success: Performance Bicycle, Our City Forest, San Jose Fire Department, San Jose DOT, Be The Change Yoga & Wellness, Neighborland and our many neighbors and volunteers!

See more pictures here:

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Posted May 20, 2016
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Greenbelt Alliance
Greenbelt Alliance
Jul 10, 2016

Back Alley Block Party
Saturday, July 23, 2016, 12:00pm - 3pm
Business Circle

Join us for a pop-up alley makeover event! This one-day event will transform a portion of the Business Circle back alley into a welcoming community gathering space with:

- BBQ from Time Deli and Catering
- Ice cream from Scoops SJ
- Games and activities for kids by Viva CalleSJ
- Urban forest greenery by Our City Forest
- Live mural painting by local artist Tulio Flores
- Music
- Bike safety games and education
- And more!

Please join us for a community event that will celebrate what we love about our neighborhood and demonstrate possibilities for making Business Circle a more vibrant place for businesses and residents of all ages.

More info and free RSVP on Eventbrite:
Want to help? Volunteer to help make this event happen:
Questions? Contact Julie Flynn at julie [at]

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Greenbelt Alliance
Greenbelt Alliance
May 4, 2016

Neighborhood Block Party
Saturday, May 14, 2016, 12:00pm - 3pm
Buena Vista Park, San Jose California

In honor of Bike Month, Greenbelt Alliance invites you to experience what a safer, more bikeable Scott Street could look and feel like. Come down to Buena Vista Park and check out the temporary bikeway markings and join us for a bike-themed neighborhood block party with games and activities for all!

Greenbelt Alliance and the Buena Vista Neighborhood Association will be hosting a bike-themed block party to encourage active transportation and engage residents and commuters in sharing their thoughts about biking in San Jose. Join us at the block party to meet your neighbors, learn about bike safety, and enjoy games and food!

Questions? Want to volunteer? Contact: Davin Aoyagi, South Bay Regional Representative for Greenbelt Alliance: 408-983-0856 or daoyagi [at]

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