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We want a second BART Trans-bay tunnel in San Francisco.

By Dan
By Dan
From SPUR:
Our region has benefited tremendously from the transportation investments of the previous generation. But at some point we stopped investing in the future, and now we are paying the price. Since the BART Transbay Tube opened in 1974, the Bay Area has grown from 4.3 million to 7.6 million people, yet we have added no new capacity through the tube or on the Bay Bridge. As a result, it’s getting more and more difficult to make trips across the Bay, which threatens the region’s quality of life and its ability to grow. We are succeeding in generating transit demand, but we are failing to add new infrastructure to support our success. A second transbay rail crossing is not inevitable; it’s a commitment today’s leaders must make for the future of the Bay Area. We offer seven recommendations for how to get started now.

Read the white paper here:

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Nicholas Josefowitz

Much of BART's core systems dates from the 1960s. Those systems have started to fail. Some, like our escalators, have failed. We can't keep maintaining 1960s kit, and expect it to function like new. Now is the time to take decisive action to rebuild BART's core systems from the ground up. It's what we know we need, and it's what the Bay Area is demanding.

Read my call to action in The San Francisco Examiner:

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Posted Mar 30, 2016
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