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Luke Bornheimer

34 neighbors want an ecology education center for kids in San Francisco.

Mariposa Kids is a child care enrichment organization, dedicated to providing quality care and workshops for San Francisco youth.

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Alan Joseph Williams
Fiona Tang
Brandi Valenza
Laura Gluhanich
Mission Mercado Ideas
Marcus Gallegos
Sally Yee
Bruce Wolfe
Tom K.
Beth Thew


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I strongly support this suggestion. We really need an ecological or environmental education for our children. Forgive me for quoting a song which goes, "...the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way." As our land continues to grow, we sometimes forget our responsibility to mother nature. I want a late-night coffee shop, I want a solar charging station, I want free wifi, I want... etc... I'm guilty of wanting too many things. So educating our children about ecological responsibility would somehow open their eyes to what's real and hope they'd grow up better than us and remember that growth and progress is real; but nature's balance should be kept on check.

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Posted Aug 6, 2013
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Marcus Gallegos

Yes I remember and love the urban pioneer program. They just had a reunion ceremony for UrbanPioneers. Unfortuanetly shortly there after co-founder Walter Scott past away and will be missed by all of us who knew him. I had many friends attended this program and it changed their lives.
The goal of a Community Eco-center is teach the public of any age is how to treat our neighborhood as a eco-system. A place to study the ecological history of SF Mission District from the native plants species to native wildlife that onced called the mission its habitat. Aswell, the center should include cultural studies and history of the Mission District thru its music, food, art and dance.

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Posted Dec 5, 2012
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Aurora Mahassine

oh yeah! and ecology education for all kids and for high school youth and urban planners and for landscape architects and mandatory for real estate developers and IT professionals - anybody remember urban pioneers?

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Posted Dec 1, 2012
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Marcus Gallegos

*Help inner city youth find nature and learn about garden ecology where resources are limited. Educational garden spaces our especially important becuase they allow kids to learn science with hands on activities. Its is our belief that a community ecology center with an educational organic garden will lead to a community growing together like seeds in a vegatable garden. Ultimately helping to overcome some of the hardships facing families living in the Mission District*

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Posted Nov 29, 2012
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