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Emily P

17 neighbors want more greenery, seating, and recreational facilities in Central Market, San Francisco.

Bench icon by James Keuning

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Leiris Attenborough
Joseph Thomas
John Nulty
Tom K.
Clarence Wong
Sharon S.
Jennifer Orr


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Clarence Wong

As I have said on my post on the beautiful streetscape of Central Market, there should be planets. It don't have to be just one kind of tree it can be mixture of different ones like maybe these:

Pygmy Date Palm

Chinese Hackberry

Washingtonia Palm

Callery Pear

Flax (Phormium) Tricolor

Some of the trees can even have a flower bed around them.

Examples of flower beds with links

For the trees that don't have a flower bed around them, it can have a tree grate or tree guard around it. Also some of the trees should have rope lights around them, so the neighborhood look nice at night.

Friends of the Urban Forest website - can even be the one to do the planting add the rope lights to some of the trees and so on. IF allow by whoever will be the ones that has the final say on it.

It would be nice to have benches in Central Market. But don't limit it just to one kind or type. Maybe like two or three kinds, and every so often it this one or that one.

Examples of different nice benches/seat with links


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Posted Nov 12, 2014
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