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Daniel Homsey
Daniel Homsey
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La Playa Street and Judah Street

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Daniel Homsey

Hey Folks - Great News - the Residents of the Outer Sunset / La Playa Park teamed up with Neighborland and brought the community together to build community around the N Judah Turnaround.

Check out these sites and soak in the community...

and here...

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Take a look at this proposed plan...incorporates N-Judah


Ocean Beach Master Plan

San Francisco’s Ocean Beach has seen better days. Storm surges have battered the city’s western coast, resulting in severe erosion at the south end of the beach. Large boulder revetments a

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Nicholas Josefowitz

Hello neighbors in the Sunset, I'm Nick Josefowitz, and I'm running for the BART Board this November.

San Francisco is the most dynamic and innovative city in the world. Yet our public transportation is one of the oldest and least reliable in the country. San Francisco is a world-class city. San Francisco deserves a world-class public transportation system. I know what a world-class public transportation system can do for a city. I want that for San Francisco. That’s why I’m running for BART Board.

I am running against a 24-year Republican incumbent who bears so much responsibility for so many of BART’s problems. In the past year, he’s barely shown up at two thirds of the BART Board’s meetings. It’s time for a change. We need a fresh, energetic and independent leader on the BART Board to help us build a world-class public transportation system for San Francisco.

We need your help. This is your moment to bring a bit of San Francisco’s can-do attitude to San Francisco local politics. Join our campaign for BART Board and get involved.

Learn more here:

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N-Judah Turnaround Beautification Project

San Francisco’s Supervisor Carmen Chu gave a Recognition of Commendation for Community Service to the N-Judah Project’s members. More importantly, she announced that her office would be allocating $15k towards the N-Judah Project.

N judah project - BOS Commendation

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Denise Greig

I love the idea of a roundabout and think it would improve traffic flow immensely.

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Casey Lauderdale

I haven't looked at the SPUR plan yet, but it looks like this area could lend itself well to a roundabout and in the center there could be some greenery, benches?

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