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Alan Joseph Williams

12 neighbors want to help people dance in the streets to keep celebrations safe in San Francisco.

Alan Joseph Williams
Look, San Francisco has it dialed in on most issues. But man, this town does not know how to handle public parties. During the Giants World Series celebration people were peeling out on motorcycles, tagging the hell out every building near the ballpark, and turning over trashcans left and right.

Now Mayor Ed Lee is considering limiting alcohol sales in an effort to curb mayhem.

That's ridiculous (as the video above demonstrates). If you were there, the problem was clear: the crowd had no constructive outlet for the elation and energy. You can only high five strangers so many times.

The solution couldn't be more obvious: music! let people dance! A brass band is preferable but if you can't get MJ's Brass Boppers over from Oakland, then get a sound system.


Eric Pan
Sally Yee
Tee Parham
Tom K.



The Mission

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