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Tom Flannigan

22 neighbors want to support local, community organizations already working in Central Market.

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Alan Joseph Williams
Nick Galicia
Luke Bornheimer
Michael McCarthy
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Erica R. Sklar
Alexandra Rose Goldman
Peter J. Sampson
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An update on Civic Center Health and Cleanliness Pilot Program from the City Administrator:


SF Civic Center focus of urgent, coordinated cleanup effort

In San Francisco, checking out a book from the Main Library, attending a Symphony concert or going to City Hall for a marriage license can mean confronting some of the most egregious examples of the city's drug and homelessness problems. For years, Civic Center has been a grim showcase for the city's worsening heroin and...

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Posted Aug 3, 2017
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With up to 9,000 units of housing expected to be built within the boundaries of San Francisco’s burgeoning Hub District, which is off-centered around the intersection of Market Street and South Van Ness Avenue, the plan to guide the development of the neighborhood’s “Public Realm” (i.e., all the space between the buildings and towers) has been drafted.

The Draft Public Realm Plan sets forth the vision for how the neighborhood’s streets, alleys and open spaces could be designed, with specific recommendations for which streets, alleys and open spaces should be redesigned and a host of design strategies and examples.

See SF Planning's draft plan here:


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Posted Mar 7, 2017
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Caring for our Civic Center
Thursday, June 23, 2016, 5:00pm - 7pm
Tenderloin Museum, 398 Eddy Street

Join us for a brief history of Civic Center with local expert Jim Haas. A panel discussion will follow led by Project for Public Spaces’ Senior Vice President Ethan Kent and featuring Mary McCue of MJM Management and Tyrone Mullins of Green Streets. This dialogue will showcase best practices for improving and managing public spaces by examining case studies from around the country. Examples from Detroit, New York, Seattle, and Los Angeles as well as San Francisco will be presented in order to discuss topics including best practices for activation, stewardship, and stakeholder engagement in public spaces that serve many different populations.

Who Went?


Caring For Our Civic Center: Best Practices For Great Public Space | Hoodline

Join us for a brief history of Civic Center with local expert Jim Haas, and a panel discussion about its future.

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Neighborhood Empowerment Network

The City Administrator executed Community Benefit Agreements for 2015 with the six renewing companies. Each company’s CBA addresses key features of the overall strategy for the neighborhoods including:

Financially supporting local organizations dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty, education, bridging the technical divide, and promoting workforce development including: Compass Family Services, Episcopal Community Services, Curry Senior Center, Gubbio Project, DeMarillac Academy, Tenderloin Tech Lab, Jewish Vocational Services, Community Housing Partnership, BAVC, Reading Partners Program, Mercy Housing, Oasis for Girls, Girls Who Code, Black Girls Code

Learn more:


City of San Francisco — The Neighborland Handbook

A case study from the Central Market Community Benefit Agreements

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Posted Apr 15, 2016
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Shaina Tsan


I represent a private event venue called The Village that has opened up on 969 Market street about three weeks ago. We want to participate in discussions and become active in processes that make our area an ideal place to live, work, and dwell.

We have 17,000 square feet of space over three floors, with a co-working space and full kitchen... We are open to providing our venue to community organizations that are working on synonymous goals to this thread. There have been talks about reviving Central Market for a long time, it's time to actually make it happen. Our biggest goal is to do what we can to make Central Market a safe place.

Feel free to connect-


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Posted Oct 14, 2014
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The Tenderloin Community Benefits District organization works hard on this issue.

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Posted Nov 13, 2013
Dec 2, 2013

Thanks for posting Kasey!

Posted by Dan on Dec 2, 2013
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