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Brent Runyon

14 neighbors want a gathering place that's open on Sundays in Thomasville.

Sunday afternoons are so chill in Tville, so it'd be nice to have a gathering place to hang out with friends, drink coffee (or an adult beverage), play board games, get a snack, etc. Especially with a nice patio!


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Chansidy Daniels
Lacey Harrison
Joe Newborn
Katie Poole Chastain
Alan Joseph Williams
Gail Heston
Joy Dickinson
Penny Collins
Michele Arwood
Suzanne Boyd
susan wood


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Gail Heston

MacIntyre (sp?) Park neighborhood would be excellent. There are some underused buildings right there on Clay Street right by the park. There is also a very deep sidewalk in front of the building for outside enjoyment also!

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Posted Dec 18, 2012
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Alan Joseph Williams

That sounds great. Sounds like the right combination would be a cafe next to a park.

Posted Nov 6, 2012
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