There are lots of ways to share how you Imagine Mesa!

1. Post your own ideas. Add images, a summary and video to make it even better
2. Support your neighbors' ideas with a "Me Too." You can add images and video
3. Contribute to ideas. Comment, share resources, and add to your neighbors' ideas
4. Share your favorite ideas. Use social media to spread the word and gain support
Your ideas and vision for Mesa are important. All ideas will be reviewed by a Council-appointed Imagine Mesa Advisory Committee of community members, who will prioritize ideas and make recommendations to the City Council for potential implementation.

Sharing, commenting on or supporting an idea also enters you in the Imagine Mesa sweepstakes for a chance to win great prizes! 

Terms and Conditions

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Here are some things to avoid:

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For a full list of our policies and disclaimers, visit the official City of Mesa website.

Additionally, if two ideas posted are roughly the same, those ideas may be combined. 

Thanks for being a great neighbor!

Questions or Concerns?

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