City of Mesa, AZ

How do you Imagine Mesa Leading Innovation?

City of Mesa, AZ

How can Mesa inspire and support bright minds of all ages to continue learning and innovating?

Mesa continues to attract bright minds. Let’s provide opportunities for kids and adults to learn, collaborate and prosper. Think big and help Mesa be a more creative city full of trailblazers.

How to participate
To support an idea submitted by your neighbor below, simply tap "me too." Or, tell us what you want to see next in Mesa and share your own idea. Upload images, video, and links to help describe your idea. You can even comment on your neighbor's ideas.

Who's listening?
Your ideas and vision for Mesa are important. All ideas received will be evaluated by a Council-appointed Imagine Mesa Advisory Committee of community members who will review and prioritize ideas, and make recommendations to the City Council for potential implementation.

Photos used with permission from ASU-Photographer Jessica Hochreiter

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