Miami-Dade County Department of Transportation

How can we improve Miami-Dade’s transportation network?

Miami-Dade County is currently undergoing a massive transportation transformation. In a city where its residents are vested towards their private vehicles, there is a strong effort by both public agencies and the public to build a multi-modal transit network that will enable locals to be more willing and able to ride public transportation.

City Innovate Foundation, in partnership with Miami-Dade County, and a number of private sector technology companies, are working together to write a policy playbook that will help Miami-Dade build open backend integration into its transportation network. In essence, this collaboration is focused on how to create a more viable and attractive transit network, while at the same time seamlessly integrating the use of private operators like Uber and Lyft into the system.

Over the next month, City Innovate Foundation and Miami-Dade County are looking to better understand the needs and desires of those who currently ride the Miami-Dade Transit system. Constructive feedback is also welcome in order to better serve the passengers. Your engagement and feedback will be integrated into City Innovate’s Collider Playbook that will help inform how multi-modal transit is built in Miami-Dade County and other cities across the county.

Who’s involved? 
City Innovate Foundation uses open innovation and public-private partnerships to solve urban problems. This project is a partnership with Miami-Dade County, Microsoft, Cubic, Siemens, Lyft, and Zipcar.

How to participate 
Please post an idea or comment below. You can also share your ideas via Twitter by tweeting, “I want _____” and using the hashtag #MyMDT

Need help? 
If you have any questions, please contact Garrett Brinker at City Innovate -
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to improve transit in Miami-Dade County.

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