Miami-Dade County Department of Transportation

How can we improve Miami-Dade’s transportation network?

In early 2017, City Innovate Foundation and Miami-Dade County partnered with Neighborland to better understand the needs and desires of those who currently ride the Miami-Dade Transit system. Constructive feedback was welcomed in order to better serve the passengers. After 45 days of engagement, Neighborland received 435 responses that we grouped into six general categories based on recurring themes. We found that responders generally want the DTPW to tackle the following issues:

1. Expand the scale of services
2. Improve safety
3. Improve transit schedules
4. Improve the number and diversity of options
5. Add physical infrastructure to existing routes
6. Update transit policies

Residents' engagement and feedback was integrated into City Innovate’s Collider Playbook that will help inform how multi-modal transit is built in Miami-Dade County and other cities across the county. 

Who was involved? 
City Innovate Foundation uses open innovation and public-private partnerships to solve urban problems. This project was a partnership with Miami-Dade County, Microsoft, Cubic, Siemens, Lyft, and Zipcar

Thank you to everyone for your participation!

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