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Tell Mayor Lee: Support transit riders, local businesses, and motorists - continue the successful Sunday parking meters.


Sunday Parking Helps Transit, Businesses, & Motorists

Removing Sunday parking meters will slow down Muni and could result in less service, more waiting and crowding, and higher fares.

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Posted Jan 18, 2014
Bruce Wolfe
Bruce Wolfe
Jan 19, 2014

What for?! Give Main Street a break while folks are still trying to get back on their feet. Do not approve this until MUNI is fully functional and not just for Market Street.

Posted by Bruce Wolfe on Jan 19, 2014
Christina B Castro
Christina B Castro
Jan 20, 2014

Sunday metering has worked for the past year. The evaluation of the program is here:
The SFMTA made a change in parking policy that actually works to support the City's often-mentioned but just as often-forgotten Transit First policy. While it doesn't generate nearly enough funding Muni needs to get into a state of good repair and deliver reliable service, it benefits everyone by increasing parking space turnover, decreasing greenhouse emissions, decreasing street congestion and double parking. It doesn't make sense to rollback something that actually works.

Posted by Christina B Castro on Jan 20, 2014
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