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City Torch is your city in real-time, made real through your ratings, and filtered through your interests. City Torch is made social through interaction with your neighbors, friends, and followers, and made easy through search.

Simply put, City Torch is a real-time network personalized by your ratings and interests on a social platform.   

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City Torch

Chandra- Check out City Torch is a real-time ratings site that promotes local business in a positive way. Create an account and rate your favorite Memphis businesses, events, places, and experiences.

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Posted Jul 25, 2012
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City Torch

A relative of mine manages urban farms housed on vacant properties in downtown Chicago. I'm talking about diversified vegetation, rain water collection, and chicken coops kind of farm. If the property is purchased then the farm is moved to a new vacant lot in or around the downtown area.

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Posted Jul 24, 2012
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