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Additional code enforcement staff is needed. And, the idea that management staff has to "not pick on" people is unacceptable. Mesa looks trashy and shabby.

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Posted Oct 12, 2017
Sherri Wheeler
Sherri Wheeler
Oct 17, 2017

I agree. I live east of Gilbert and north of Southern. There were meetings that were held to improve the neighborhoods. The example was the City did not want the older areas to look like west of Gilbert. For awhile it started to improve. Code compliance should drive the areas that do not have an HOA every four months. Don't come during regular business hours, come early AM, on a weekends and at night. Would be a benefit if there was a volunteer to drive the streets to have people move their RV's, boats, construction vehicles/trailers off the street,

Posted by Sherri Wheeler on Oct 17, 2017
Grandma Lulu
Grandma Lulu
Oct 18, 2017

I agree with both of you. In the last year or so it seems like code enforcement disappeared and the neighborhoods show it.

Posted by Grandma Lulu on Oct 18, 2017
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