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DeKoven Ashley

i would humbly like to offer my support as well.

i love Neighborland because as Dan said, "Neighborland is good at ideation and polling." i am an urban designer and i love having the ability to have my ear to the street.

when i want to mobilize the interests of my friends and neighbors though, i try to give them actionable opportunity to get involved. i would love your feedback on a platform that i have been working on and interested to know how our young platform can lend you support.

ThrdPlace ( is your opportunity to display all of your community outreach projects (urban gardens, bike advocacy rides, housing homeless) and invite your community to get involved. they can provide you Funds, Supplies, Volunteers and rich media content. lots more to share, but i hope to simply spark a convo.

find inspirational projects to start or support here:

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Posted Nov 8, 2012
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DeKoven Ashley

this is a great idea...

i am a Y'at now living in Los Angeles. and i love Neighborland because it helps me follow / support the needs / interests of the neighborhoods (like Uptown) i still consider home.

when i want to map local economies like green building, art events or even urban gardens i use thrdPlace ( if you want to start or support an urban garden we have supported a number of them here in Westside, Los Angeles. on thrdPlace you can take the advocacy from Neighborland to raise the Funds, Supplies and Volunteers you need to build your own garden.

view an example of one of our garden projects here:

or, find projects to start or support in our community map:

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Posted Nov 8, 2012
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DeKoven Ashley

i would love how to support your efforts...

there are many benefits to community gardens. Community Sourced Agriculture (or, CSA models) can stimulate a local economy, harvesting crops can teach youth about biology, and organic fresh fruits and veggies can balance diets.

we have helped many Westside, LA communities (particularly schools) build edible gardens. we love Neighborland because it gets us thinking about new opportunities. and we love ThrdPlace ( because it can help us source Funds, Supplies and Volunteers needed to build the garden.

See an example thrdPlace garden project here:

Or visit other projects to support here:

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Posted Nov 8, 2012
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