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Raleigh is full of intersections that only have a crosswalk on some sides. It's silly to have to cross a street three times (and wait for three lights) just to get to the other side of a busy road.

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Posted Aug 30, 2015
Allie Jacobs
Allie Jacobs
Sep 2, 2015

Yes please! In my residential neighborhood there are often no crosswalks at intersections. Drivers are still required to stop for pedestrians but many will not. I have been trapped on the wrong side of the street because cars won't stop and missed the bus too many times!

From the NC driver's handbook:
• At intersections without traffic signals, pedestrians have the right of way if
they are in marked crosswalks or in unmarked crosswalks formed by imaginary
lines extending from the sidewalks across the streets;
• At intersections controlled by ordinary traffic signals, pedestrians must obey
the same signals as drivers traveling in the same direction. Pedestrians should
not start to cross during a red or yellow signal;
• When crossing with a green signal, pedestrians have the right of way over all
vehicles, including those turning across the paths of the pedestrians;

Posted by Allie Jacobs on Sep 2, 2015
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