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I would like right-sized parklets along with solar electric charging in the public realm built expressly to bring a sense of place back to our still "cookie cutter" malls. 
Major brands and mom & pop venues alike could utilize these spaces to charge the burgeoning flocks of electric vehicles; these include electric bikes and motorcycles which organizations such as City Carshare are starting to offer its members.

Shoppers could rest with a cup of coffee as they enjoy a few minutes of charging with their EVs, cell phones, laptops, etc. while they surf the Web. At night, they could experience an LED light show which also brings more visibility and security to what was once a dark and threatening corner of a vacant parking lot.  Security cameras could aid guards in remotely monitoring remote sections of lots; such venues might become safer places (than a car) to lock up animals and occupy kids while folks shop.

During power outages associated with earthquakes, parklets would become temporary triage spaces for first-responders who would have access to some electric power. When kids get separated from their families, announcements could call them to reunite at the "Pop-up Parklet."

Safeway and other anchor tenants could brand themselves with their own signage.  Electronic bill boards could be powered at night efficiently with solar generated during the day. Yes, and that's just the beginning. Plants and sculptures could decorate the place without requiring digging. 
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Eckhart Beatty

I think at least designating certain neighborhoods where loud is protected against (somewhat like the Crime Alert Neighborhood signs) would be a start. How to facilitate it--much less actually enforce--is the question.

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Posted May 10, 2017
Omar Eljumaily
Omar Eljumaily
Jun 11, 2017

I think that finding like-minded individuals in various cities and neighborhoods would be a start. Those people could contact city officials and ask that existing noise abatement laws start to be enforced, as a start. The key would be to find a forum(s) that could be used to connect liked-minded people on this issue.

Beyond that, I think that eventually there's going to have to be a system of citizen reporting for things like this, and probably all environmental and criminal issues. A video of a motorcycle, car, or truck disturbing a neighborhood with an illegally altered exhaust should be an officially actionable event.

Posted by Omar Eljumaily on Jun 11, 2017
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