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My name is Gwen Hubbard and I would like to present a proposal that would help build pride, confidence, and positive self-esteem in communities through experiences in the arts. I am the founder of That's Entertainment Theatre Company. I am also a former student and teacher at Jacob's Dance Academy. I received my Masters (MA) in Psychology - Leadership Development and have worked with several schools in Atlanta and Decatur on the power of the arts and alternative teaching. Two things have encouraged me to insert this request. One - I was born at Grady Hospital and lived in the fourth ward of Atlanta. I went to C W Hill Elementary and was a student at Jacob's School of Dance. I graduated college with a goal to open my own dance studio in Atlanta and I did. I love the arts, it saved my life. Mrs. Jacobs recently closed her doors and her studio has trained and built some of Atlanta's proudest teachers, dancers, lawyers, community leaders, etc. She will truly be missed. I would like to reunite with the wisdom of Mrs. Jacobs (she is presently 80 years young) and continue her legacy. Two - I would like to use the Fanplex as an art center for the training and development of artist (both amateur and professional) and as a venue to expose the hidden talent in Atlanta and surrounding communities. This could only enhance the community and create a stronger connection while giving young artist a means of expressing themselves positively. I could talk all day but I would love to meet with you and offer more detail.

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Posted Feb 8, 2016
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